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Cute Pug Pup Cute Pug Purebred Pup

Pug Puppies

Courageous ~ Loving ~ Loyal ~ Playful

Introducing our irresistible selection of Pug puppies for sale, carefully chosen from reputable, caring breeders. These lovable, wrinkly-faced pups make fantastic family pets or devoted companions for individuals who desire a friendly and charming friend. With their endearing personalities and iconic appearance, Pug puppies are sure to become a cherished addition to your home. Browse our available puppies and welcome an adorable new family member who's sure to capture your heart.

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Courageous, Loving, Loyal, Playful

Adult Weight 14-25 lbs
Adult Height 10-11 in
Life Expectancy 12-15 yrs
Rating 5.0 ( reviews)
Low High
Easy Hard
Min Max
Easy Hard
Low High

A few of our Cute Pug Pups

Pug Puppy Pug with Wrinkled Face Cute Pug Pup Cute Pug Purebred Pup
Pug Breed Info

Pug Breed Info

Welcome to the delightful world of the Pug breed. These charming little dogs are purebred wonders, known for their spirited and adoring nature. Pugs are a moderate energy breed, making them perfect companions for both active singles and families who enjoy leisurely strolls in the park. 

These little dynamos are compact, but don't let their size fool you. Pugs are brave and reliable, always ready to protect their loved ones. They're also regular shedders, so a little fur on your clothes will become a new fashion statement. 

When it comes to training, Pugs are determined learners. They love to please their humans and with a little patience, they can learn a variety of commands and tricks. Adult Pugs typically weigh between 14-25 lbs and stand about 10-11 inches tall, making them a comfortable fit for both apartment living and larger homes. 

The Pug breed is a bundle of joy wrapped in a small, furry package. Whether you're looking for a Pug puppy or an adult Pug, this breed is sure to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.