Teacup Morkie (Yorktese) Puppies For Sale and Adopt In Texas

Morkie puppies FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Morkie puppies

What does the Morkie look like?

Morkie, also known as York-Tese, is a hybrid breed resulted from the cross of Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese. It has positive features from its both predecessors. It is a small-sized breed, with a weight between 4 and 8 kg and white, black or brown coat.

What kind of temperament does the Morkie have?

Morkie is fearless, energetic, easily excitable and happy to greet persons like the Maltese. It is obedient and loyal and can make new connections easily due to its friendly personality. It doesn’t like to be left alone, as it is sensitive and needs appreciation and love. It is affectionate, loving and devoted and it gets along very well with other dog breeds or pets. It loves to play or curl up for a nap and it is friendly and playful with children. It needs frequent companionship of its owner.

How is the training for the Morkie?

Morkie is easy to train, but requires a patient, soft, but firm trainer as it has a strong personality. It is essential to be socialized at an early age because it has the tendency to become stubborn.

It has also the tendency to dominate its owner, that’s why it has to be properly trained since puppyhood. It inherited the intelligence from the Yorkshire Terrier and it tends to be lively, sociable, spirited and playful. It can successfully take part in agility competitions.

What type of home encourages a well behaved Morkie?

It is well suited to apartment living and is the perfect companion for allergy sufferers as it doesn’t shed.

How much grooming does the Morkie need?

It has a silky hair that needs to be brushed periodically and cut around the eyes, ears and legs. Check and clean its ears once a week and clean its eyes regularly and brush its teeth at least twice a week.

How much exercise does the Morkie need?

Morkie needs regular exercise to be in good shape and mental stimulation to keep a good behavior. It loves playing games inside or outside and being taken to walks. If it doesn’t have physical activities, it becomes sad, bored and willing to revenge or to play. It it possible to start chewing things around it.

What is the best food for the Morkie?

Morkie should be feed with quality food in order to protect its sensitive teeth.

What health problems does the Morkie have?

Morkie is prone to eye diseases like cataracts or glaucoma and  to various heart problems.

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