French Bulldog (Frenchie) Puppies for Sale and Adoption in Texas

French Bulldog puppies FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Frenchie puppies

Where does the French Bulldog come from?

The French Bulldog has its origins in Nottingham, England, in 19th Century and is a smaller descendant of English Bulldog with similar characteristics to it.

What does the French Bulldog look like?

French Bulldog has a weight up to 13 pounds and a height of 12 inches. It is compact, with a large square head, a rounded forehead, a broad and deep muzzle, a black or lighter nose and upper lips that hang down over the lower lips. It is a stocky little dog with set-wide apart prominent dark eyes, thick lips, rounded big ears, thick neck, broad chest, deep and wider in the front, forming a pear shape. The legs are muscular and the body is compact and muscular, with strong and heavy bones. It has medium fine and short coat colored in brindle, brindle and white, white and fawn, black, black and fawn, black and white, fawn and black, fawn brindle, white or gray and white. It also has loose skin which forms wrinkles around the head and shoulders.

What kind of temperament does the French Bulldog have?

Frenchie is playful, affectionate and easy to care, enthusiastic, lively and curious, sometimes comic. It gets along very well with strangers and pets and enjoys the company of its owner.

How is the training for the French Bulldog?

It has the tendency to become stubborn, aggressive and snappish if it is ignored. It must be properly trained so as to become aware of the fact that it is not the leader and it has to respect certain rules. Training requires patience, calm and consistency in order to establish a proper communication. Training sessions should be short and full of praise and rewards. Don’t show it affection or sweet talk if it has a negative behavior, but correct it with a calm authority.

What type of home encourages a well behaved French Bulldog?

Frenchie can adapt very well to apartment living as it is very active indoors.

How much grooming does the French Bulldog need?

It needs little grooming, regular brushing and nails cutting, frequent ear and face cleaning. It is an average shedder. It is sensitive to extreme temperature, so pay attention to hot and cold weather and protect it adequately.

How much exercise does the French Bulldog need?

Frenchie is generally a playful dog that loves to entertain people and it needs daily activity to be in shape as it is very energetic. Daily walks or play sessions are perfect to keep it fit. It loves to play and run and it is a great companion if it is correctly trained.

What is the best food for the French Bulldog?

Feed it with quality food, measure it and select it carefully to prevent itching or skin allergies. Do not offer it meat as it is not recommended for Frenchies. Always measure its food to avoid overweight.

What health problems does the French Bulldog have?

Frenchie is prone to joint disease, spinal disorders, heart and eye issues, hip dysplasia or respiratory problems. It has sensitivity to the components of anaesthesics and can confront with side effects. It is also prone to The Von Willebrand disease, a blood clotting disorder that causes nosebleeds, bleeding gums and prolonged bleeding after surgery. It has the tendency to wheeze and snore, to become overweight and to develop breathing problems because of swollen abdomen.

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