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Pomeranian puppies FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Poms puppies

Where does the Pomeranian come from?

The Pomeranian is also called Pom or Pom Pom after a region of Germany and Poland. It has its origins in the German Spitz breed. Although initial sizes of this breed were larger, the size was reduced and became a small dog breed with a smiling foxy look and a well-proportioned body.

What does the Pomeranian look like?

The Pomeranian is a toy dog and a great watchdog, with agility skills, a short, straight and fine muzzle, a wedge-shaped head, almond-shaped dark eyes, tiny, raised ears, sharp pot and long tail carried on the back. It has longer coat around the neck and chest which is colored in red, orange, white, cream, blue, brown, black, black and tan, wolf sable, brindle and white. It has a life expectancy of about 15 years.

What kind of temperament does the Pomeranian have?

It is a smart dog, eager to learn and loyal to its owner and family. It is an amazing show dog, docile, affectionate, playful, energetic, brave, vigilant.

How is the training for the Pomeranian?

It is very friendly with children and it tends to bark at strangers and can become aggressive if it is not correctly trained. Early socialization helps it to become well-balanced. Appropriate training is useful to show the limits it has to respect as it tends to become demanding of attention and loudly. It is bold and temperamental and sometimes it is not aware of its small size as it tends to attack bigger dogs. It needs a patient, gentle and firm trainer and it has to socialize to get along well with other individuals. It can be a very good companion for children or old persons.

What type of home encourages a well behaved Pomeranian?

It can adapt well to apartment living, but it needs to be exercised daily. Walks or play sessions indoors can meet its needs. It is sensitive to hot weather and has to be protected.

How much grooming does the Pomeranian need?

The Pomeranian needs frequent brushing and daily cleaning of the eyes and ears.

How much exercise does the Pomeranian need?

The Pom needs a daily walk or exercise to avoid behavior problems.

What is the best food for the Pomeranian?

Feed it with dry food or milk bones to avoid dental and gums issues.

What health problems does the Pomeranian have?

It is generally a healthy breed. It can develop health issues such dislocated patella, slipped stifle, heart diseases, eye infections, skin irritation and tooth decay.

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