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English Bulldog puppies FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About English Bulldog puppies

Where does the English Bulldog come from?

The English Bulldog has the origins in Asiatic Mastiff breed and appeared in the 12th century, passing through several breed crossings.

What does the English Bulldog look like?

The English Bulldog has a weight up to 25 pounds and a height up to 16 inches. It is a wide, medium-sized and compact breed with short legs, massive body and head, extra skin on the skull and forehead which falls in folds. It has a short and thick neck, a deep and strong chest, extended cheeks to the sides of the eyes, a wide muzzle, broad black nose, deep set dark eyes, small rose ears which are set high on the head. It has short and flat, straight coat which is straight, smooth, glossy and colored in red brindle, solid white, solid red, fawn, fallow, piebald, pale yellow or washed out red, white or multicolored.

What kind of temperament does the English Bulldog have?

The English Bulldog is calm, gentle, sensitive, tolerant and very affectionate, friendly and sociable. It has a loyal character, it is faithful and eager to spend lot of time with its owner. It is brave, determined, energetic, perseverant and reliable watchdog.  It is also very picky and demanding of attention to be happy. It can snore loudly, become a messy eater and has drool and slobber tendencies.

How is the training for the English Bulldog?

It is a great companion as it tends to be playful, lively and spontaneous, but it has the tendency to become stubborn. Train it adequately, show patience and praise it for good behavior and you can transform it into an obedient dog.

What type of home encourages a well behaved English Bulldog?

English Bulldog can adapt very well to apartment living, but needs daily walks to be in good mental and physical shape.

How much grooming does the English Bulldog need?

English Bulldog is an average shedder. The coat is easy to groom and should be combed, brushed and bathed occasionally. Clean its face daily, especially inside the wrinkles and clean its ears periodically to prevent infections.  

How much exercise does the English Bulldog need?

It has lot of energy and needs daily exercise to be healthy, both physically and mentally.

What is the best food for the English Bulldog?

Adopt a tailored diet, according to its age and doctor’s recommendations and always measure its food.

What health problems does the English Bulldog have?

It is prone to heart attack, obesity, difficulties in movement, breathing issues, eye problems, cheery eye, tumors, skin infections, hip and knee problems, flatulence, elbow and hip dysplasia, allergies, patellar dislocation, torsion of the stomach. It needs to be carefully cared to avoid these potential health issues. It is sensitive to high temperatures and need to be protected against hot weather.

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