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Havapoo Puppies For Sale Near Pflugerville, TX

Happy Havapoo Puppies For Sale Delivered in Pflugerville, Texas with Lone Star Pups

Welcome to Lone Star Pups, your go-to destination to find cuddly Havapoo puppies in Pflugerville, Texas. A delightful crossbreed of Havanese and Miniature Poodle, Havapoos win hearts with their silky coats, playful dispositions, and unique blend of traits from both parent breeds. 

At Lone Star Pups, we are committed to the highest standards of care and love for our Havapoo puppies. They are brought up in a nurturing setting where their individual personalities can shine, preparing them to be affectionate, sociable additions to your family. 

Havapoos are cherished for their combination of the Havanese's cheerful temperament and the Poodle's keen intelligence and hypoallergenic coat. Their manageable size and agreeable nature make them an ideal choice for a variety of households, from bustling families to peaceful individuals. 

Our breeding principles at Lone Star Pups revolve around careful selection of the parents of our Havapoo puppies based on their stellar health records and exceptional temperament. As a result, our Havapoo puppies for sale in Pflugerville, Texas beautifully express the best qualities of their parent breeds. 

The health of our puppies is our topmost priority at Lone Star Pups. We conduct thorough health checks for each Havapoo puppy to make sure they're in peak condition when they step paw into their new homes. Standing behind the health of our Havapoos, we offer a 10-year health guarantee for all our puppies. 

A few of our Havapoo Pups


Havapoo vs Shih Poo Comparison

Havapoo vs Shih Poo Comparison

In the ever-growing world of designer dogs or doodles, making a choice between breeds like the Havapoo and the Shih Poo can be a delightful challenge for potential pet owners. Both designer breeds, known for their cute looks and loving personalities, have become popular choices for families and individuals alike. However, while they share some similarities,...

Havapoo vs Havashu Comparison

Havapoo vs Havashu Comparison

Choosing the right dog breed can be a challenging task for potential pet owners. Among the myriad of breeds to choose from, especially in the world of deisnger dogs, Havapoos and Havashus stand out as two of our most captivating options. Both breeds are known for their adaptable, charming personalities and adorable looks, traits that make them quite popular with dog lovers. However, despite their similarities, Havapoos and Havashus have distinct traits that set them apart and makes each unique. 


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Havapoo Breed Info

Havapoo Breed Info

Welcome to the world of the Havapoo, a fluffy, lovable, and adorable dog breed that will surely melt your heart. The Havapoo is a charming crossbreed between the gentle and intelligent Poodle and the affectionate and lively Havanese. This delightful mix brings the best of both worlds, creating a friendly and outgoing dog perfect for families and singles alike. 

The Havapoo puppy is known for their hypoallergenic and low-shedding coat, making them an excellent choice for those with allergies or anyone who wants to avoid constant vacuuming. This breed's loving nature and intelligence make the Havapoo dog an excellent companion for people of all ages. Adult Havapoo dogs are adaptable and versatile, fitting in well with various living situations, including apartments or houses with yards. 

The Havapoo's irresistible charm and endearing qualities make them an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a furry friend to their lives. Their small size and adaptable nature make them perfect for various living environments, from small apartments to larger homes with outdoor spaces.  

These lovable doodle dogs also excel at providing companionship, making them ideal for families, singles, and seniors. With their friendly disposition and low-shedding coat, the Havapoo is sure to win the hearts of pet lovers everywhere. So, if you're searching for a delightful, loyal, and intelligent companion, look no further than the wonderful Havapoo.