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Havanese Puppies For Sale Near Mansfield, TX

Purebred Havanese Puppies Delivered in Mansfield, Texas with Lone Star Pups

Embark on a journey of endless love and companionship with Lone Star Pups, your premier destination for Havanese puppies in Mansfield, Texas. Havanese dogs, known for their silky fur, expressive eyes, and friendly demeanor, are bundles of joy that make every house feel like home. 

At Lone Star Pups, we raise our Havanese puppies in a warm, caring environment that nurtures their naturally affectionate and playful nature. We treat each of our puppies like family, ensuring they receive all the love and attention they need to grow into well-behaved, amazing pets. 

Havanese dogs are a delightfully friendly breed, cherished for their intelligence and adaptability. Their sociable nature makes them wonderful companions for families, while their small size and affectionate disposition make them ideal for both apartments and larger homes. 

Our commitment to the highest breeding standards means that we select the parents of our Havanese puppies based on their superior health and excellent temperament. This careful selection ensures that our Havanese puppies for sale in Mansfield, Texas are the embodiment of the breed's finest qualities. 

At Lone Star Pups, we prioritize the health of our puppies. Each Havanese puppy undergoes thorough health checks, ensuring they're in the best health when they arrive at their forever homes. Our 10-year health guarantee underscores our confidence in our breeding program and our commitment to the well-being of our puppies. 

If you're in Mansfield, Texas, and you're looking for a Havanese puppy, Lone Star Pups is your ideal choice. We offer more than just a pet; we provide a new family member, full of love and joy, ready to create unforgettable memories with you. Discover the world of Havanese dogs with us and bring home a companion who will fill your life with happiness and love. 

A few of our Havanese Pups


Havanese vs Havashu Comparison

Havanese vs Havashu Comparison

When you're caught in the delightful dilemma of choosing between two endearing breeds like the Havanese and the Havashu, the decision-making process transforms into an exciting journey of discovery. Every pet lover desires a companion that resonates with their lifestyle, values, and personality. With both breeds boasting of captivating characteristics, how does one navigate this choice? 

The Havanese, with its storied past and vibrant temperament, competes valiantly against the Havashu—a...

Havanese vs Havapoo Comparison

Havanese vs Havapoo Comparison

When it comes to choosing the ideal companion from the world of small breeds, the decision can often be overwhelming. The Havanese, with its proud history and purebred status, and the Havapoo, a delightful mix of the Havanese and Poodle, are two standout options for many pet lovers.  

But which one is truly suited for you? Both breeds boast a variety of qualities that can fit seamlessly into various lifestyles. From families with children to solo dwellers in apartment spaces, the...

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Havanese Breed Info

Havanese Breed Info

Meet the Havanese, a lovable and adorable breed that will steal your heart with their fluffy appearance and warm, friendly personality. Hailing from the beautiful island of Cuba, these small yet spirited dogs have captured the hearts of dog lovers around the world. 

Boasting a hypoallergenic, low-shedding coat, the Havanese is an excellent companion for families, singles, and seniors alike. With a reputation for being sociable, intelligent, and adaptable, this breed has become a popular choice among pet owners seeking a loyal and loving companion. The Havanese cheerful disposition and eagerness to please make them a joy to be around, brightening up any home with their delightful presence. 

Their compact size makes them perfect for apartment living, while their playful nature ensures they are just as happy in a larger home with a yard. Havanese dogs thrive on companionship and affection, making them an ideal choice for those who enjoy spending quality time with their pets. 

Their versatility and good-natured temperament make them well-suited for various roles, such as therapy and assistance dogs, or simply as a beloved family member.