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Cavapoo Puppies For Sale Near Beaumont, TX

Cute Cavapoo Puppies Delivered in Beaumont, Texas with Lone Star Pups

Welcome to Lone Star Pups, the leading home of delightful Cavapoo puppies in Beaumont, Texas. We specialize in providing lovingly raised Cavapoo puppies for sale, bred from the finest parents and nurtured in a cozy, comfortable environment. 

Cavapoos are known for their endearing charm and friendly nature. A crossbreed of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle, Cavapoos inherit the best traits from both parents - the affectionate demeanor of the Cavalier and the intelligence of the Poodle. This makes them the perfect family pets, easy to train, and full of love. 

At Lone Star Pups, we treat our Cavapoo puppies like family, providing them with a nurturing environment to grow in. This ensures they develop a well-rounded temperament, becoming friendly, social, and loving pets that are perfect for any home. 

As devoted Cavapoo breeders for Beaumont, Texas, we follow stringent breeding guidelines. We only select the healthiest and most well-behaved parents for our puppies. This way, we ensure that every Cavapoo puppy we breed is a perfect representation of this wonderful mix breed in terms of health, temperament, and appearance. 

Health is an essential aspect of our breeding program. That's why all our Cavapoo puppies for sale in Beaumont, Texas are subject to comprehensive health checks. We're so confident about the health of our puppies that we offer a 10-year health guarantee, giving you peace of mind when you choose your new family member from us. 

So, if you're on the lookout for a Cavapoo puppy in Beaumont, Texas, remember Lone Star Pups. We promise not just a pet, but a new family member raised with love, care, and the utmost integrity. Experience the joy of bringing home a Cavapoo puppy who is as eager to be a part of your family as you are to welcome them. 

A few of our Cavapoo Pups

Cavapoo Breed Info

Cavapoo Breed Info

The Cavapoo, also known as the Cavadoodle or Cavoodle, is a delightful hybrid breed that combines the best of both the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle. As a popular designer dog, this breed has captured the hearts of pet owners worldwide with its affectionate personality, adorable appearance, and low-shedding coat. Known for being intelligent, loyal, and friendly, Cavapoos make excellent family pets and thrive in a variety of living environments, from apartments to larger homes. Their adaptable nature and sociable temperament have made the Cavapoo a top choice for those looking to add a furry companion to their lives. 

Cavapoos are known for their wavy, soft, and low-shedding coat, which is a key selling point for those who suffer from allergies. They come in a variety of colors, including cream, gold, chestnut, and even tri-color, making each Cavapoo uniquely beautiful. As a hybrid breed, they inherit desirable traits from both parent breeds, such as the Cavalier's affectionate and gentle nature and the Poodle's intelligence and low-shedding coat. While Cavapoos can vary in size depending on their specific parentage, most typically weigh between 12 to 25 pounds, making them a great option for those seeking a small to medium-sized dog. 

Cavapoos are intelligent and eager to please, making them relatively easy to train. They respond best to positive reinforcement methods, and early socialization is crucial for ensuring a well-rounded and confident adult dog. Regular grooming is necessary to maintain their coat's health and appearance, but their low-shedding nature means less pet hair around the home. Cavapoos have a moderate energy level and require daily exercise to keep them fit and happy. With proper care, love, and attention, a Cavapoo will be a loving and devoted companion, making them the perfect addition to families, couples, or singles seeking a loyal and friendly furry friend. 

A Few Puppy Stories From Our Selection