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Saussie Puppies For Sale Near Longview, TX

Saussie Breed Info

Saussie Breed Info

The Auss-Tzu, also known as the Saussie, is a delightful hybrid breed resulting from the mix of an Australian Shepherd and a Shih Tzu. This unique combination brings together the intelligence and energy of the Australian Shepherd with the charming and affectionate nature of the Shih Tzu. Perfect for families and individuals alike, the Auss-Tzu is known for its playful demeanor, loyalty, and adaptability to various living environments. 

The Auss-Tzu inherits the best traits from both parent breeds, making it an excellent companion. Whether you're looking for a dog that's great with kids, friendly with other pets, or simply a loyal friend, the Auss-Tzu fits the bill. This breed is relatively new but has quickly gained popularity due to its adorable looks and friendly personality.