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Teddy Bear Puppies For Sale Near Arlington, TX

Teddy Bear Puppies Delivered In Arlington, Texas with Lone Star Pups

Welcome to Lone Star Pups, where you can find the best and most adorable Teddy Bear puppies in Arlington, Texas. Teddy Bear dogs, an adorable mix of Mal-shi (Maltese and Shih Tzu) and Shichon (Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise), with their fluffy coats and loveable personalities, are just waiting to become your loyal companions. 

At Lone Star Pups, we raise our Teddy Bear puppies with all the love and attention they need to grow into friendly, well-socialized pets. From the moment they are born, we treat them as a part of our family, preparing them to be a beloved part of yours. 

Teddy Bear dogs are a delightful mix of breeds, bringing together the playful charm of the Shih Tzu, the gentle disposition of the Bichon Frise, and the loving nature of the Maltese. With their compact size and plush, hypoallergenic coat, they are the perfect companions for families and individuals alike. 

We follow strict breeding standards, choosing the parents of our Teddy Bear puppies based on their outstanding health and amiable temperament. This meticulous process ensures that our Teddy Bear puppies for sale in Arlington, Texas carry the best attributes of this adorable breed. 

Health is a top priority at Lone Star Pups, and every Teddy Bear puppy undergoes comprehensive nose-to-tail inspections to ensure they are in the best health when they join your family. We also offer a 10-year health guarantee for all of our puppies to ensure your peace of mind that our puppies are in top shape when they join your family. 

If you're in Arlington, Texas, and looking for a Teddy Bear puppy, your search ends at Lone Star Pups. We promise more than just a pet; we provide a new family member who will bring endless happiness and companionship to your life. Join the Teddy Bear puppy family today and experience the boundless love and joy these adorable dogs bring. 

A few of our Teddy Bear Pups


Maltipoo vs Malshi Comparison

Maltipoo vs Malshi Comparison

When it comes to choosing a furry companion, the decision can often be as complex as it is exciting, especially when you’re considering popular designer breeds like the Maltipoo and Malshi. Both of these adorable breeds have captured the hearts of dog lovers worldwide with their endearing personalities and cute looks. However, as it is with any breed, there are distinct differences and similarities that potential pet owners should be aware of. And they can make all the difference in the...

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Teddy Bear Breed Info

Teddy Bear Breed Info

The teddy bear dog breed, which includes the lovable Mal-Shi, which is a cross between the Maltese and the Shih Tzu, and the delightful Shihchon, which is a cross between the Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frise, is famous for its warm, affectionate nature and irresistibly cute teddy bear-like appearance. With their plush coats and soulful eyes, it's easy to see why these charming dogs have quickly become a favorite among pet lovers everywhere. 

These cuddly little designer dogs typically weigh between 6 to 15 pounds and boast non-shedding or hypoallergenic coats, making them perfect companions for those with allergies. Teddy bear dogs are bright, adaptable, and always ready for fun, ensuring that they fit seamlessly into family life, whether you're a single person, a senior, or have a house full of kids. 

Known for their friendly and sociable demeanor, teddy bear dogs are wonderful with children and make exceptional family pets. They're also very adaptable, so whether you live in a cozy apartment or a spacious home with a yard, these dogs will be happy by your side. To keep their gorgeous coats looking their best and free from matting, regular grooming is essential. 

A little exercise goes a long way for these energetic pups, and they love joining their humans for daily walks or play sessions to stay physically fit and mentally engaged. With proper care and lots of love, teddy bear dog breeds will reward you with their unwavering loyalty and affection, filling your home with joy and warmth.