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Yorkie Poo Breed Information

Paws Pattern
Yorkie Poo Puppy Outdoor

The Yorkie Poo, a charming and energetic blend of the Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle, has successfully carved out a place in the hearts of dog lovers around the world. As a hybrid doodle breed that harmoniously blends the best characteristics of both its parent breeds, the Yorkie Poo embodies a remarkable mix of beauty, intelligence, and playfulness. The Yorkie Poo dogs' small size and friendly demeanor make them perfect for a variety of living situations, from sprawling countryside homes to compact city apartments. 

This delightful Yorki Poo, also known as the Yorkie Poodle mix, sports a curly or wavy coat that often takes on a distinctive hue from either parent breed. Their personalities are as endearing as their appearances, offering a winning combination of enthusiasm and companionship. Yorkie Poos are adaptable, easily fitting into various lifestyles and family types, making them one of the most loved designer breeds. 

As with any breed, it's important to understand the unique attributes and needs of the Yorkie Poo before deciding if it's the right fit for your home. This article will explore the Yorkie Poo's history, temperament, appearance, grooming needs, exercise requirements, health considerations, and special characteristics to give a comprehensive understanding of this delightful breed. 

BREED TYPE / MIX Doodle Hybrid / Poodle crossed with a Yorkshire Terrier ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Responsive TEMPERAMENT Cheerful, Intelligent, Loyal, Social ADULT WEIGHT 3-14 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 7-15 in LIFE SPAN 10-15 yrs


  • Compact and Cuddly: Yorkie Poos are small-sized dogs that bring together the best of two worlds – the charm of the Yorkshire Terrier and the intelligence of the Poodle. With their diminutive size and big personality, they can easily fit into most living situations, making them excellent city dwellers and superb suburban companions. 
  • Spirited and Sprightly: A Yorkie Poo's lively and energetic nature is hard to miss. These dogs love a good romp around the park, a brisk walk around the neighborhood, or even a playful game indoors. However, their energy levels are manageable, making them a good fit for both active owners and those preferring a more relaxed lifestyle. 
  • Affectionate and Social: Yorkie Poos are known for their affable temperament. They're incredibly friendly and form strong bonds with their families. Being naturally social, these Yorkie Poodle mixes can get along well with children, other dogs, and even cats, especially when properly socialized from a young age. 
  • Intelligent and Trainable: A Yorkie Poo’s sharp intellect, inherited from their Poodle parent, makes them relatively easy to train. These smart cookies are eager learners and can pick up new commands quickly. However, remember that consistency and positive reinforcement are key to effective training. 
  • Adaptable Companions: One of the best characteristics of Yorkie Poo dogs is their adaptability. Whether you live in an apartment in a bustling city or have a spacious yard in a quiet suburb, a Yorkie Poo can adapt to various living situations. As long as they have enough mental and physical stimulation, and plenty of love and affection, they're happy. 
  • Grooming Needs: The Yorkie Poo’s coat, often curly or wavy, is another unique feature of the breed. Although their hypoallergenic properties make them a great choice for those with allergies, Yorkie Poos do require regular grooming. Brushing a few times a week, along with regular bathing, can help keep their coat looking its best. 
Yorkie Poo in Nature


Welcome to the captivating world of Yorkie Poo appearances, where the delightful blend of Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle genes crafts a canvas of charm and elegance. When you imagine the Yorkie Poo, picture a small dog with a big personality, a canine that carries the delicate balance of its lineage with poise and grace. 

One of the most enticing aspects of Yorkie Poo dogs is their unpredictability when it comes to appearance. They're a splendid mix of their parent breeds - the Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle - and can lean more towards one parent or strike a balance between both. Nevertheless, each Yorki Poo is unique, adding to the allure of this popular designer breed. 

Yorkie Poos typically stand between 7 to 15 inches tall at the shoulder and can weigh anywhere from 3 to 14 pounds, perfectly embodying the term "small but mighty". They inherit the compact size from their Yorkshire Terrier parent, making them perfect companions for both apartment living and larger homes. 

Taking a closer look at their facial features, you'll find expressive eyes that radiate warmth and intelligence, a hallmark of both the Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle. Their ears can be erect like a Yorkie's or more folded like a Poodle's, adding another element of delightful unpredictability to this breed. 

The Yorkie Poo coat can vary quite a bit, ranging from straight and silky like the Yorkie, to curly like the Poodle, or anywhere in between. In terms of color, Yorkie Poo dogs can come in a wide array, including black, white, cream, silver, apricot, or a mix of these, making each Yorkie Poo a unique canine masterpiece. 


A glance into the world of the Yorkie Poo reveals an enchanting blend of energy, affection, and wit, making them the quintessential companion dog. They bring together the best of both their parent breeds - the Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle - resulting in a unique dog breed that's as comfortable on your lap as it is in the local dog park. 

The Yorkie Poo temperament is characterized by a friendly nature, boundless energy, and sparkling intelligence. These dogs are spirited yet gentle, and confident without being aggressive. They are inherently social and tend to get along well with other dogs, pets, and people, thanks to their Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle ancestry. 

Yorkie Poos are known for their affectionate nature, often forging a close bond with their human families. They crave companionship and thrive best when included in family activities. On the flip side, these Yorkie Poodle mixes can exhibit signs of separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods, making them best suited to homes where someone is frequently present. 

Despite their small stature, Yorkie Poos are full of character and can be quite lively. They inherit the Poodle's intelligence and curiosity, making them keen explorers of their environment. But, just as easily, they can slip into the role of a lap dog, perfectly content to relax and enjoy your company. 


Maltipoo vs Yorkie Poo Comparison

Choosing between two captivating designer doodle dog breeds (poodle mixes), the Maltipoo and the Yorkie Poo, can be both an exciting and challenging decision for potential pet owners. These breeds, each with their own unique charm and characteristics, have garnered a lot of attention and affection from dog enthusiasts. While they share some commonalities,...

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In the illustrious world of canine fashion and grooming, the Yorkie Poo dogs stand tall (albeit on a petite frame). Embodying the best of both worlds - the Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle - the Yorki Poo is a breed that requires consistent care and grooming to maintain its unique charm. 

One glance at a Yorkie Poodle mix, and you'll appreciate why grooming is so crucial. With their unique coat that can range from straight and silky to a lovely curl, the grooming routine for Yorkie Poo dogs is an essential aspect of their care. 

Frequent brushing is a must for this designer breed, as it helps prevent matting and tangles. Depending on whether your Yorkie Poo's coat leans more towards the silky hair of a Yorkshire Terrier or the curly locks of a Poodle, daily brushing might be necessary to keep them looking their best. 

Just like their Poodle parent, Yorkie Poos are hypoallergenic, making them a fantastic choice for those with allergies. However, it's worth noting that no breed is 100% hypoallergenic, but the Yorki Poo comes pretty close, especially with proper grooming. 

Bathing your Yorkie Poo should be done on a monthly basis, or as needed. It's important to use a gentle dog shampoo to maintain the natural oils in their coat. Additionally, regular dental care is crucial to ensure your Yorkie Poo maintains its pearly whites. Weekly tooth brushing and regular dental check-ups are recommended. 

Professional grooming every 4 to 6 weeks is often recommended for Yorkie Poo dogs. This will typically include a bath, brushing, ear cleaning, nail trim, and haircut. The style of the haircut can vary depending on your preference and your Yorkie Poo's coat texture. 

A well-groomed Yorkie Poo is not just about physical appearance, but it's also about health and hygiene. A well-maintained coat, clean ears, and healthy teeth all contribute to the overall well-being of your Yorkie Poodle mix, ensuring they not only look their best but feel their best too. After all, a happy Yorkie Poo is a well-groomed Yorkie Poo! 

Exercise Needs

One cannot talk about Yorkie Poo dogs without talking about their boundless energy. These pint-sized, sprightly dogs have an enthusiasm for life that is nothing short of infectious. However, this energy needs an outlet, which is why understanding the exercise needs of a Yorki Poo is essential. 

A fusion of the Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle breeds, the Yorkie Poodle mix inherits an innate zest for exploration and play from its parent breeds. But don't let their small stature fool you - a Yorkie Poo might be small, but their exercise needs are significant. 

Daily exercise is crucial for a Yorkie Poo. They are active little dogs that love to play, and will typically require at least 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day. This can include walks, playtime in the yard, or even indoor games. Due to their small size, they can easily get enough exercise indoors, making them suitable for apartment living. 

Yorkie Poo dogs are clever canines with a high level of intelligence inherited from their Poodle parent. To keep their minds stimulated, incorporate games that challenge them mentally, such as puzzle toys or hide-and-seek games. 

Although they're energetic, Yorkie Poo dogs are not as high-energy as some other breeds, so it's important not to over-exercise them. Puppies, in particular, should not be over-exercised as their joints and bones are still developing. 

Yorkie Poos are also highly sociable dogs, so playdates with other small dogs can be a great way to help them expend some energy while also enjoying social interaction. 


Every Yorkie Poo owner must recognize the value of their pup's health to ensure they lead a long, happy life. This charming fusion of the Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle breeds tends to be healthier than its parent breeds, but it doesn't mean the Yorkie Poodle mix is without health concerns. 

Yorkie Poo dogs are prone to several health conditions, just like any other breed. It's essential to be aware of these potential issues to take preventative measures and maintain the health of your Yorki Poo. 

Dental problems can be an issue for Yorkie Poo dogs. This breed has small mouths that can become crowded with teeth, leading to oral health issues. Regular brushing and dental check-ups can help keep these issues at bay. 

Yorkie Poos may also inherit a susceptibility to eye issues like cataracts. Regular vet check-ups will help identify any potential eye problems early. 

Despite these potential health issues, the Yorkie Poo is generally a healthy breed. The best way to ensure a healthy puppy is to buy from a reputable breeder who conducts genetic testing and provides health clearances for the parent breeds. 


As a Yorkie Poo owner or enthusiast, you might be asking yourself, "How long can I expect my lovable Yorkie Poodle mix to be with me?" Well, rest assured, one of the delightful aspects of this designer breed is its reasonably long lifespan. 

A Yorkie Poo, when properly cared for, can be expected to live anywhere from 10 to 15 years. These charming companions are here for a good long time, blessing us with their loving and vivacious character for many years. But remember, this lifespan isn't guaranteed; it is impacted by several factors, including genetics, diet, exercise, and overall health care. 

While genetics play a crucial role in your Yorki Poo's lifespan, you have control over other aspects. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and regular vet check-ups can significantly contribute to your Yorkie Poo dog's longevity. A healthy lifestyle can help stave off obesity-related issues, dental problems, and other health conditions that can impact the lifespan of your pet. 

Moreover, mental health is just as important. Yorkie Poos are intelligent and require mental stimulation to prevent boredom and related behavioral issues. Engaging toys, puzzles, and regular social interaction can keep your Yorkie Poo's mind sharp and active. 

Ultimately, though the average lifespan of the Yorkie Poo breed is 10 to 15 years, with a loving home, top-notch care, and a sprinkle of good luck, many Yorkie Poo dogs can live even longer, remaining a joyful part of your family well into their golden years. 


Are you contemplating how to guide your sprightly Yorkie Poo through the ropes of good behavior? Training a Yorkie Poodle mix may seem daunting, but with a dash of patience, a sprinkle of consistency, and a whole lot of love, it can be a rewarding journey for both you and your furry friend. 

Firstly, it's crucial to understand that Yorkie Poos, due to their intelligent Poodle lineage, are quick to catch on to instructions. They are eager to please and love the mental stimulation that training provides. However, the stubborn streak from their Yorkshire Terrier side can sometimes make them a bit challenging. Balancing these traits is key in effective training. 

Start with the basics. Simple commands like "sit," "stay," and "come" are essential building blocks in a Yorkie Poo's training. Remember, consistency is crucial here. Keep the commands and their corresponding actions steady to avoid any confusion for your pet. 

Positive reinforcement is a fantastic method when training Yorkie Poo dogs. These pups respond well to praises, petting, treats, and playtimes as rewards for their good behavior. However, it's essential to avoid harsh punishment. It may cause fear or anxiety, which can lead to negative behavior. 

Yorkie Poos are a sociable breed, but early socialization training is crucial. Expose your Yorki Poo to different environments, people, and other animals to help them grow into confident, well-adjusted adults. Puppy training classes can also be beneficial. 

Don't overlook toilet training – a fundamental aspect for any Yorkie Poo owner to avoid any in-house accidents. Start this training early, and remember, patience is key. Accidents will happen, but with consistent training, your Yorkie Poo will soon get the hang of it. 

Training a Yorkie Poo also involves curbing any unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking. Remember, barking is a natural way for dogs to communicate. Hence, it's important to understand the cause of the barking and address it accordingly rather than suppress the symptom. 


The delightful Yorkie Poo is a comparatively recent breed, having emerged within the last 20 to 30 years. Its origin is linked to the rise in popularity of designer dog breeds, wherein breeders purposefully mix two purebred dogs to create a unique blend, in this case, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle. The goal? To merge the desirable traits of each breed into one lovable package known as the Yorkie Poo. 

The Yorkshire Terrier lineage brings a rich history to the mix. Originally bred in the 19th century for the utilitarian task of catching rats in English textile mills, Yorkshire Terriers quickly ascended the social ladder to become a cherished pet of Victorian-era high society. On the other side, Poodles, known for their intelligence and hypoallergenic coats, have a lineage tracing back to hunting dogs used in Germany and later standardized in France. 

The marriage of these breeds in the form of the Yorkie Poo presents a unique blend of the Poodle's intelligence and hypoallergenic coat with the feisty, yet affectionate nature of the Yorkshire Terrier. Though the breed's exact timeline is difficult to trace, the Yorkie Poo has certainly made a lasting impression since its inception. Yorkie Poos are well-loved for their companionship and adaptability, embodying the essence of a true companion dog with their blend of charm, agility, and loyalty.