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Poochon Breed Information

Paws Pattern
Poochon puppy

The Poochon, a delightful and endearing breed, is the perfect addition to any family. Also known as Bichpoo or Bichon Poodle, this doodle hybrid is a beautiful mix of a Poodle and a Bichon Frise. Their small, cuddly size and intelligent nature make them a fantastic companion for people of all ages and living situations. 

These adorable dogs are known for their teddy bear-like appearance, which instantly captures the hearts of everyone they meet. Poochon puppies grow into adult Poochons that typically weigh between 6-17 pounds and stand 9-15 inches tall. Their low-shedding and hypoallergenic qualities make them an excellent choice for people with allergies. 

Poochons are versatile and adaptable, fitting in seamlessly with families, singles, and seniors alike. They can thrive in apartments or homes with yards, making them the perfect companion no matter where you live. With a lifespan of 12-15 years, you can expect a Poochon dog to provide many years of love, affection, and laughter. 

One of the most amazing aspects of the Poochon breed is their ability to serve as incredible therapy dogs. Their gentle, loving nature and intelligence make them excellent providers of emotional support and companionship for those in need.  

As one of the most popular Doodle breeds, Poochons have won the hearts of dog lovers across the globe, thanks to their irresistibly cute appearance, friendly demeanor, and adaptability to various living environments. 

BREED TYPE / MIX Doodle Hybrid / Poodle crossed with a Bichon Frise ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Responsive TEMPERAMENT Gentle, Affectionate, Intelligent, Loyal, Playful ADULT WEIGHT 6-17 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 9-15 in LIFE SPAN 12-15 yrs


  • Poochons are known for their intelligence, which makes them easy to train and great at problem-solving 
  • These dogs love to cuddle and show affection, making them the perfect companion for cozy evenings at home 
  • Poochons have a playful nature that brings joy to everyone around them, always up for a game of fetch or a romp in the park 
  • This breed can adjust well to various living situations, making them ideal for apartment dwellers or those with a yard 
  • Poochons have a kind and gentle temperament, making them great with children and other pets 
  • With low-shedding coats, Poochons produce fewer allergens than many other breeds, making them an excellent choice for those with allergies 
  • Their gentle, loving nature and intelligence make Poochons perfect candidates for therapy dog work, providing emotional support and companionship to those in need 
  • Poochons are known for their loyalty and devotion to their families, always eager to please and protect their loved ones 
White Poochon puppy


The Poochons adorable appearance is one of the many reasons they are so beloved. Their unique features, inherited from both the Poodle and the Bichon Frise, make them a truly irresistible breed. 

Adult Poochons are small in size, typically weighing between 6-17 pounds and standing about 9-15 inches tall. This makes them a great choice for those who prefer a smaller, more manageable companion. Poochons have a soft, curly, and low-shedding coat that is often described as "teddy bear-like".  

Their hypoallergenic coat comes in a variety of colors, including cream, apricot, white, black, and gray. The texture of their coat can vary, with some Poochons having looser curls similar to the Bichon Frise, while others have tighter curls like the Poodle. 

Their expressive, round eyes add to their endearing appearance and give them an almost human-like expression, making it hard not to fall in love with them. Poochons have a cute, black button nose that stands out against their fluffy coat. 

Their ears are medium-sized and floppy, adding a touch of playfulness to their overall appearance. The Poochon's tail is usually medium-length, carried high, and with a slight curl, giving them a cheerful and friendly look. Poochons have a compact, well-proportioned body with sturdy legs, making them agile and ready for play. 

The Poochon's charming appearance, combined with their loving and gentle nature, makes them a breed that easily captures the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. 


The Poochon's delightful temperament is one of their most endearing qualities. This breed has inherited the best personality traits from both the Poodle and the Bichon Frise, making them a perfect family companion. 
Poochons love to cuddle and show their love to their family members. They form strong bonds with their owners and enjoy spending time snuggled up on the couch or giving gentle kisses. This breed is known for their friendly and sociable nature. They get along well with people of all ages, including children, as well as other pets. 

Poochons are energetic and playful, always up for a game of fetch or a romp in the park. They enjoy toys and interactive games that challenge their intelligence. Their gentle nature makes them a great choice for families with young children or for those who prefer a more laid-back companion. They are patient and kind, making them excellent therapy dogs as well. 

Poochons are highly intelligent dogs, which makes them easy to train and eager to please their owners. They enjoy learning new tricks and participating in activities that challenge their minds. They are known for their loyalty and devotion to their family. Poochons are protective of their loved ones and will always be by your side. 

This charming pup can adapt to various living situations, they are an excellent choice for apartment dwellers or those with a yard. They can adjust to new environments and people with ease. Poochons are always eager to make their owners happy. This characteristic, combined with their intelligence, makes them highly trainable and responsive to commands. 

The Poochon's temperament makes them a wonderful choice for families, singles, and seniors alike. Their friendly, gentle, and loving nature ensures they will quickly become a cherished member of any household. 


Maltipoo vs Poochon Comparison

When it comes to choosing a small breed dog, the decision can be as delightful as it is complex, particularly with the increasing popularity of designer breeds like the Maltipoo and Poochon. These breeds, both known for their adorable looks and endearing personalities, have become favorites among dog lovers. However, while they share some similarities, there are unique differences that potential pet owners should consider. 

In this detailed comparison, we aim to provide an in-depth...

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While the Poochons low-shedding, hypoallergenic coat is a significant advantage, it does require regular grooming to keep it looking its best and maintain the dog's overall health.  

Brushing your Poochons coat regularly, at least two or three times a week, is necessary to prevent matting and tangles. Using a slicker brush or a comb designed for curly-coated dogs will help remove any loose hair and keep the coat looking fluffy and neat. You may also want to invest in a detangling spray to make brushing easier and more comfortable for your dog. 

Poochons should be bathed every four to six weeks, depending on their activity level and how dirty they get. Use a gentle, hypoallergenic dog shampoo to avoid irritating their skin. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue from their curly coat. 

Clipping your Poochons coat every six to eight weeks can help maintain a neat appearance and make grooming more manageable. You can learn to trim their coat yourself or take them to a professional groomer. There are various haircut styles to choose from, such as the "teddy bear" or "puppy cut," which give Poochons their signature adorable look. 

In addition to coat care, don't forget to pay attention to your Poochon's ears, nails, and teeth. Clean their ears regularly with a vet-approved ear cleaner to prevent infections. Trim their nails every few weeks to avoid overgrowth and discomfort. Finally, brush their teeth daily or provide dental chews to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent dental issues. 

By following these grooming requirements, you'll ensure that your Poochon stays happy, healthy, and looking their best at all times. 

Exercise Needs

Poochons have moderate exercise needs, making them suitable for various lifestyles. Regular physical activity is essential for their physical and mental well-being, helping to keep them fit, healthy, and happy. 

Daily walks are a must for Poochons, with at least one 30-minute walk per day being ideal. You can split this into shorter walks if your schedule permits. These outings not only provide your Poochon with the exercise they need but also give them an opportunity to explore and socialize, stimulating their minds and satisfying their curiosity. 

In addition to walks, Poochons also enjoy playtime. Engaging in games of fetch, tug-of-war, or simply running around in a secure, fenced area can help burn off any excess energy. Poochons are intelligent dogs, so incorporating puzzle toys and interactive games into their play sessions can also provide mental stimulation and keep them entertained. 

Poochons can also excel in dog sports such as agility, obedience, and rally, which can provide additional physical and mental challenges. Participating in these activities can strengthen the bond between you and your Poochon while keeping them engaged and active. 

It's essential to monitor your Poochon's exercise levels and adjust them as needed, considering factors such as their age, health, and individual preferences. Providing your Poochon with appropriate exercise will help ensure they remain a happy, well-adjusted, and well-behaved member of your family. 


Poochons are generally a healthy breed, thanks to the careful combination of the Poodle and Bichon Frise genetics. However, like all dog breeds, they may be susceptible to certain health issues. Being aware of these potential concerns and taking preventive measures can help ensure your Poochon leads a long, happy, and healthy life. 

Regular check-ups with your veterinarian are essential to catch any potential health issues early and address them before they become more severe. Vaccinations, parasite prevention, and a well-balanced diet will also contribute to your Poochons overall well-being. 

Some health concerns that Poochons may be prone to include: 

  • Hip dysplasia: This is a genetic condition in which the hip joint doesn't develop properly. Regular check-ups and maintaining a healthy weight can help minimize the risk and manage this condition 
  • Allergies: Poochons may be prone to skin allergies or sensitivities. Feeding your dog a high-quality diet and monitoring their skin for any signs of irritation can help prevent and manage allergy-related issues 
  • Eye issues: Poochons may inherit eye conditions like progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) or cataracts. Regular eye exams and early intervention can help maintain your Poochons vision and eye health 
  • Patellar luxation: This condition occurs when the kneecap slips out of place, causing discomfort and possible lameness. Maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding excessive strain on the joints can help minimize the risk of patellar luxation 

While these health concerns may seem daunting, it's essential to remember that Poochons are generally a healthy breed. By providing them with regular veterinary care, a nutritious diet, and an active lifestyle, you can support their overall health and well-being, ensuring they enjoy a long, happy life by your side. 


Poochons are known for their relatively long lifespan, with most living between 12 and 15 years. This extended life expectancy is a testament to their overall health and the careful breeding of Poodle and Bichon Frise genetics. Poochons' longevity is one of the many reasons they make such wonderful companions, as they can provide years of love, loyalty, and joy to their families. 

To ensure your Poochon enjoys a long and healthy life, it's essential to provide them with a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and routine veterinary care. By addressing any health concerns early, maintaining a consistent grooming routine, and giving them plenty of love and attention, you can maximize your Poochon's life expectancy and enjoy many cherished years together. 


Training your Poochon puppy is an essential part of building a strong bond and ensuring they grow into a well-behaved, confident adult Poochon. This breed is known for their intelligence and eagerness to please, which makes them highly responsive to training. Poochons excel in learning new commands and tricks, making the training process enjoyable for both you and your furry friend. 

Positive reinforcement is the key to successful Poochon training. Using praise, treats, and affection as rewards will encourage your Poochon to repeat desired behaviors and learn more quickly. Consistency and patience are also crucial during the training process, as it takes time and repetition for your Poochon to understand what you are asking of them. 

Socialization is an important aspect of Poochon training. Exposing your Poochon puppy to different people, animals, and environments early on will help them develop into a well-rounded, confident adult. Puppy socialization classes, dog parks, and playdates with other dogs can be excellent opportunities for your Poochon to learn how to interact with others appropriately. 

As intelligent dogs, Poochons thrive when given mental challenges. Incorporating puzzle toys, scent games, and trick training into their daily routine will keep their minds sharp and engaged. Advanced training, such as agility or obedience, can also be a fun and rewarding way to challenge your Poochon and strengthen your bond. 

By investing time and effort into your Poochons training, you will be rewarded with a well-behaved, loving, and loyal companion who will bring joy to your life for years to come. 


The Poochon breed has a fascinating history that traces back to the 1990s. As a designer dog breed, Poochons were created by combining the best traits of two well-loved breeds: the Poodle and the Bichon Frise. The goal was to develop a new breed with a hypoallergenic coat, intelligence, and a friendly temperament. 

The Poodle, one of the parents of the Poochon, has its origins in Germany, where it was bred as a water retriever. Poodles are known for their intelligence, agility, and elegant appearance. The Bichon Frise, on the other hand, has roots in the Mediterranean region and was a popular breed among European nobility. Bichons are admired for their friendly, cheerful demeanor and fluffy white coat. 

By combining these two breeds, breeders aimed to create a dog that retained the intelligence and low-shedding coat of the Poodle while incorporating the gentle, affectionate nature of the Bichon Frise. The result was the Poochon, a breed that quickly gained popularity due to its adorable appearance, hypoallergenic coat, and loving temperament. 

Today, Poochons are well-loved as family pets and therapy dogs. They continue to win the hearts of dog enthusiasts worldwide with their delightful personalities, intelligence, and adaptability to various living situations.