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Facing the cold

November 9, 2020, 11:50 AM
Q: Hi, A few questions: 1) My Goldendoodle is 10-week old. How much water should I give her in winter time (~50 F)? 2) She licks the tip of her tail a lot this morning, should I be concerned? 3) It's getting cold (~40 F) in the morning when I let her relieve herself in the backyard and I notice that she is shivering. Does that mean it's too cold for her, and we should go back in as soon as she finishes her business? Do I need to get her an outfit to keep her warm? However, it would be cold if it gets wet on the grass?? Thank you!
A: If she feels good and eats well she is getting enough water. If healthy she can stand 15-20 minutes in the cold and shivering is a normal response.