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Cavapoo vs Cavachon Comparison

Cavapoo vs Cavachon: A Complete Comparison | Lone Star Pups
Published Tuesday, December 5, 2023 by PremierPups

Choosing a four-legged companion is an important decision that can significantly enrich your life and bring boundless joy to your home. When the options are as endearing as the Cavapoo and the Cavachon, that choice can become particularly challenging. This article aims to unravel the unique qualities of each breed, cutting through the cuddly complexity to help you find the perfect match for your lifestyle. 

The Cavapoo and the Cavachon may share a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent, but they are far from interchangeable. Each breed embodies its own unique blend of characteristics, owing to the other half of their parentage—the Poodle for the Cavapoo and the Bichon Frise for the Cavachon. From their charming looks to their distinctive temperaments, these breeds offer prospective pet parents a delightful yet complex puzzle to solve. 

Join us as we embark on an enlightening journey, exploring the allure of each breed's history, temperament, and appearance. This comparison aims to empower you with a thorough understanding of the Cavapoo and the Cavachon, enabling you to make an informed and heartful decision. 

Cavapoo vs Cavachon Overview  

Cavapoo Overview 

brown cavapoo dog

History and Origins 

Originating as a designer crossbreed in the late 20th century, the Cavapoo blends the finest traits of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle. The harmonization of these two breeds has resulted in a canine companion that delivers both intelligence and affection, rapidly making its presence felt in the dog world. 


The Cavapoo's meteoric rise in popularity is not merely a result of its winsome appearance, but also its adaptability and hypoallergenic qualities. These attributes make it not just a "trendy" choice but an enduringly beloved pet, particularly among families and those with allergy concerns. 

Breed Status 

Though the Cavapoo hasn't received official recognition from major kennel clubs, its credibility is undeniable. Its widespread acceptance and specific charm have established it as a breed in its own right, especially for those looking for a hypoallergenic companion capable of thriving in both urban and rural environments. 

Cavachon Overview 

tan and white cavachon

History and Origins 

The Cavachon, a delightful cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise, is a hybrid that first made its appearance in the late 1990s. This fusion has yielded a dog that inherits a laid-back disposition and an affectionate nature, capturing the best of both parental lineages. 


Since its inception, the Cavachon has been stealing hearts, gaining steady admiration not just for its irresistible appeal but also for its friendly demeanor and minimal shedding. Its compatibility with families, singles, and seniors alike has elevated its status from a contemporary crossbreed to a staple in the pet community. 

Breed Status 

While the Cavachon hasn't yet earned formal recognition by leading kennel organizations, it has nonetheless earned a place of honor among hybrid breeds. Its adaptability to different living conditions and its hypoallergenic fur make it a standout choice for a wide array of potential dog owners. 

Cavapoo vs Cavachon Overview Comparison 

In the world of hybrid breeds, both the Cavapoo and Cavachon have carved out their own respective niches. They share a common lineage from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel but diverge significantly due to their other parent breeds—the Poodle for the Cavapoo and the Bichon Frise for the Cavachon. 

The Cavapoo has gained remarkable recognition for its low-shedding coat, thanks to its Poodle ancestry, making it a go-to option for allergy sufferers. On the other hand, the Cavachon wins hearts with its gentle temperament and adaptability, versatile enough to thrive in diverse living conditions. 

In terms of popularity, both breeds have amassed a substantial following. The Cavapoo is slightly more prevalent in urban settings, where its intelligence and low-maintenance grooming needs are highly valued. The Cavachon, in contrast, is more often the breed of choice in multi-pet households and suburban homes, prized for its playful yet composed nature. 

Both breeds share an unregistered status, meaning they aren't officially recognized by major kennel clubs. However, this hasn't deterred their ascent in popularity, as many potential dog owners are more concerned with temperament, health, and suitability to their lifestyle than official breed status. 

Cavapoo vs Cavachon Temperament 

Cavapoo Temperament 

brown and white cavapoo cuddling

Intellectual Engagement 

The Cavapoo is a poster child for intellectual curiosity—a breed that thrives on mental stimulation. Stemming from its Poodle heritage, this dog exhibits high intelligence and is eager to solve problems, be it fetching a ball from a complex terrain or navigating social dynamics within the household. 

Affectionate Nature 

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel influence manifests as an unwavering loyalty and affection toward its human family. While it's outgoing and social, a Cavapoo also relishes moments of intimate cuddles and is keen to be your lap dog whenever permitted. 


The Cavapoo's temperament is remarkably adaptive. Whether you live in a bustling city apartment or a spacious suburban home, this breed adjusts with ease, provided it gets its daily dose of mental and physical activity. 

Cavachon Temperament 

black and white cavachon

Gentle & Kind 

The Cavachon’s hallmark is its gentle disposition, a trait inherited from its Bichon Frise parent. This dog exudes a calm aura that can soothe even the most stressed individuals, making it a perfect emotional support companion. 

Playful yet Composed 

While it shares the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's affinity for play, the Cavachon knows when to dial down its energy. It is enthusiastic without being overbearing, making it ideal for families with young children or elderly members. 


Uniquely, the Cavachon adapts well to a variety of settings and lifestyles. Whether you're an active single or part of a bustling family, this breed’s versatility ensures it will fit seamlessly into your daily routine. 

Temperament Comparison: Cavapoo vs Cavachon 

Cognitive Abilities vs Emotional Intelligence 

While both breeds are undeniably intelligent, their expertise lies in different domains. The Cavapoo, with its Poodle lineage, leans toward problem-solving and intellectual engagement. On the other hand, the Cavachon specializes in emotional intelligence, emanating an aura of kindness and tranquility that's hard to ignore. In essence, the Cavapoo is your quiz night partner, while the Cavachon is the empathetic friend you confide in. 

Attachment Styles 

Both breeds develop strong bonds with their human counterparts, but their attachment styles subtly differ. The Cavapoo is fiercely loyal and can become your shadow, following you around the house and vying for your attention. Conversely, the Cavachon offers a more balanced form of attachment; it loves to be around you but also appreciates its independent moments, embodying the best of both worlds. 

Adaptability vs Versatility 

In terms of adaptability, both breeds score high marks. The Cavapoo adjusts brilliantly to diverse living conditions, requiring only mental and physical exercise as its constant. The Cavachon, too, adapts well but adds a layer of versatility to its adaptability. It not only adjusts but thrives in different family structures and lifestyles, demonstrating an uncanny ability to read the room and adjust its energy levels accordingly. 

Cavapoo vs Cavachon Appearance 

Cavapoo Appearance 

cute brown cavapoo dog

Coat and Color 

One of the most prominent features of a Cavapoo is its coat—soft, often wavy or curly, which owes its unique texture to the Poodle parentage. When it comes to color, the palette is extensive: from solid hues like black, white, or cream to combinations and even tricolor. 

Size and Structure 

Typically, a Cavapoo will weigh between 12-25 pounds and stand around 9-14 inches tall at the shoulder. Their build leans toward the slender side, echoing the sleek elegance of their Poodle ancestors. 

Cavachon Appearance 

black and white cavachon dog

Coat and Color 

Cavachons possess a fluffy, often silky coat that can either be straight or wavy. They are a spectacle in a variety of colors—white, apricot, and even more exotic shades like sable and tricolor. Their coat is a delightful testament to their dual heritage from Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Bichon Frise. 

Size and Structure 

In terms of size, Cavachons are quite similar to Cavapoos but tend to be on the smaller side. They usually weigh between 10-20 pounds and measure 12-13 inches in height at the shoulders. Their structure leans toward a balanced, well-proportioned build, exuding an air of sturdy confidence. 

Appearance Comparison: Cavapoo vs Cavachon 

While both breeds are undeniably adorable, they offer distinct aesthetic experiences. The Cavapoo is your quintessential model, slim and elegant with a luxurious coat that demands attention. The Cavachon, in contrast, offers a more 'girl-next-door' allure—cute, approachable, and radiating a warm, welcoming aura. 

Each breed's unique appearance is a mirror into its character, offering a physical narrative that complements their respective temperaments. The choice between the two, then, becomes a matter of personal preference, both promising to be beautiful additions to any home. 

Cavapoo vs Cavachon Conclusion 

Deciding between a Cavapoo and a Cavachon is like choosing between two masterpieces; each has its own undeniable allure and unique set of qualities that make it special. Whether you gravitate towards the sleek elegance of the Cavapoo or the cute, regal charm of the Cavachon, both breeds promise to bring immeasurable joy, companionship, and vitality into your life. 

The Cavapoo leans more towards an elegant and refined aesthetic, coupled with a sociable and intelligent temperament. The Cavachon offers a more robust, well-rounded character in a cute, welcoming package. Your choice ultimately boils down to which of these wonderful traits resonate more deeply with you and your lifestyle. 

Choosing a dog is a lifetime commitment, and with either the Cavapoo or the Cavachon, you're not just getting a pet; you're gaining a family member, a confidant, and a loyal friend. 

Here's to making a choice that will bring you endless moments of happiness and a loving companion to share them with!