How To Pick The Right Dog Breed For You

A sweet puppy is not only a new member of your family, but also a new commitment that involves responsibility and time. Before adopting a puppy as your companion, make a research to find out more information about the breeds you are interested in and consult your veterinarian. Analyze the characteristics of each breed you are interested in and find out the exercise and grooming requirements, as well as the temperament and the trainability of each one. After you narrow the list of your favorite breeds, talk to some experts on those breeds. You can also spend some time with each breed you have selected.

Think about your free time and your new schedule that includes your companion. You’ll have to wake up early including the weekends or during bad weather to take it to walks and spend as much time as you can with it. You should pay attention to your commitments and see if they are manageable or they occupy all your time. You should reserve some time daily to give your puppy attention, ensure you socialize and train it properly.

If you are not staying alone, think many times about the idea of adopting a pup and be sure that everyone in your home want a dog.

A new companion involves changes in your lifestyle, regular maintenance and has a financial impact for many years to come. These refer to quality food, treats, snacks, toys, doggie beds, blankets, vet bills for annual vaccinations and regular worming, training and grooming costs, medical emergencies, boarding kennel costs for regular holidays where your dog cannot accompany you.

The gender of your new family member has several particularities, as males tend to be more dominant and self-confident while the females are more affectionate and home-loving.

You should reflect on the purpose you have to adopt your puppy. If you are looking for a fun playmate for children, for a companion for an older person, for a companion for your jogging sessions or for a guard for your house, the best solution is to know which breed is appropriate. Take into account what the dogs were bred to do in order to ensure you can offer your new companion all it needs to be happy. For example, dogs bred to work outside have lot of energy while dogs bred to work have both physical and mental exercise in order to be happy. You should know that an unhappy dog can become destructive.

The space where you live in is another aspect relevant for the breed you should pick as well as the exercise needs of your companion. You have to assure you offer it a safe and secure home and to meet its activity needs. Most breeds do well with long walks, especially in dog parks where they can meet people and dogs.

If you are enchanted by a cross breed dog, get information about the individual dog instead of the breed traits as they can vary according to the features of the parents of your puppy. Ask about the dog’s history to ensure it is perfectly healthy and his temperament traits are good.

If you have kids, you should take into account that the highly trainable breeds are great with children because they are usually eager to please and family oriented. All breeds are appropriate for children if they are socialized properly and brought up with children, excepting the tiny sized dogs that need more protection as they can be injured easily due to their sensitivity. 

If you suffer from allergies it is recommended that you choose a breed that sheds less so you can tolerate it better. It is important to spend time with the puppy you are thinking about bringing home to ensure you won’t discover any other types of allergies.

Socialization is another important aspect to determine the behavior of a dog. Puppies should be socialized correctly during the first eight weeks of life to be outgoing and friendly. It is important for it to get used with different sights, sounds, people and places on a daily basis in the first 9 months.

Dogs provide lasting companionship and unconditional love and they bring benefits to our health. The companionship of a dog can lower blood pressure and reduce stress. It also boost the social skills and confidence of children and adults. Be sure, that your new companion, regardless the breed it belongs to, will bring joy and smile into your life.