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Malti Pom puppies FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Malti Pom puppies

Where does the Maltipom come from?

The Maltipom is a toy breed that resulted from crossing the Pomeranian and the Maltese.

What does the Maltipom look like?

It is small, it weights around 4 pounds at adulthood. It has a hypoallergenic coat that doesn’t shed, small ears, high, almond-shaped eyes, a short straight pot which makes it very sweet.

What kind of temperament does the Maltipom have?

Maltipom is playul, friendly, smart and liveful, it learns quickly and loves to perform tricks.

How is the training for the Maltipom?

Training requires patience and perseverance and a gentle trainer that should offer it rewards constantly. It is gentle, devoted and it loves to spend time with its master. Pay attention to not leave it alone for too long periods as it will suffer from separation anxiety.

What type of home encourages a well behaved Maltipom?

It has a nice temperament and doesn’t need lots of space. It can adapt very well to apartment living and is ideal for children due to its friendliness. Protect it against high temperatures as it is sensitive.

How much grooming does the Maltipom need?

It is a constant shedder and it needs daily brushing to keep its coat clean and softer and to avoid tangles. Clean its eyes and ears on a regular basis and cut its nails every 2-3 weeks. Occasional trimming is needed.

How much exercise does the Maltipom need?

Maltipom has lots of energy and needs regular exercise to be healthy, both physically and mentally.

What is the best food for the Maltipom?

Feed your Maltipom with high quality dry food to be healthy and to avoid dental problems. Also, perform regular visits to vet in order to check its teeth, offer it supplements teeth and cleaning sticks.

What health problems does Maltipom have?

Maltipom can develop health problems such heart issues, eye infections, respiratory issues, skin allergies and dental disease.

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