Your puppy purchase comes from one of our licensed inspected U.S.D.A. breeders.  Our puppies come from nothing but the very best inspected kennels, and we pride ourselves on the quality that comes with working with a great breeder producing designer and purebreds alike. 

In addition, we provide puppies from AKC certified & ACA certified breeders who follow the best practices of quality breeding.  On some puppies indicated, registry papers are provided as a courtesy.  The high standards of the USDA for caring for your puppy and maintaining standards are what sets them apart from others.  We also invite you to view our Warranty page and our Frequently Asked Questions.  All our pups are up to date on all their shots and vaccinated and are ready for their forever homes.

We promote responsible ownership of puppies and we are aware that this objective is only possible with great owners who are devoted to caring for their furry favorites.  We provide our customers with Care Sheets that outline some industry best practices for caring for your loved one upon transferring into their forever homes.  We warrant the puppy free of parvo, distemper, corona virus, and hepatitis for a full 14 days upon purchase.

LoneStar Pups invites you to check out our profiles of specific breeds by clicking on an available puppy, and learning the specific profiles and trait information.  In addition, you can view the Videos for best practices of setting up a training system that can produce not only great results, but a great lifestyle.  We invite you to browse DoctorPup.Com to learn more about best practices.  Whether or not you are new, or you are buying a second puppy, Doctor Pup gives you much of the necessary knowledge and offers options to access our online vet who has been in the industry over 20 years, Dr. Gary Rybka.

Your puppy is ready to start its new life out with its new family.  Are you excited to bring home a brand new lovable puppy?